Support Prescribing Psychology

To make a donation to support our desire to expand our scope of practice to include prescribing psychology for appropriately trained psychologists, please make a donation through UP-PAC.

This campaign season we would like to meet with legislators throughout our state and inform them about several issues urgently important to us including:

  • Our support of Prescribing Psychology for appropriately trained psychologists
  • Our support for the recommendations from the Bree Collaborative asking legislators to address the Volk Decision and better protect psychologists
  • Our position on legislative mental health policy as we all navigate a post-COVID-19 and racially sensitive world

    Suggested Donation Levels:

    • $50
    • $100
    • $250 
    • $500
    • $1000

    All donation levels will receive a set of Prescribing Psychology Zoom Backgrounds. Donations $100 and above will receive a "Prescribing Psychology: Safe, Smart, and Effective" drink tumbler!