Professional & Clinical Resources

A primary benefit for members with a clinical practice is access to professional and clinical resources to help you run your practice. Your membership level will determine which of the following resources are available to you.


Members will need to log into your account to view a full account of services and contact information for all consultations.

Director of Professional Affairs (DPA) Consultation

WSPA is one of 15 state psychological associations with a Director of Professional Affairs. The DPA serves as a resource to WSPA members with questions about clinical practice or the profession of psychology. This benefit is available at the Premium, Platinum, Retired, and Emeritus membership levels. Click here to learn more and access our DPA contact information.

Ethics Consultation

The Ethics Committee is a consultation resource for members with specific questions of ethics. The committee helps members think through ethical issues and thoughtful decision making. This benefit is available for Basic, Premium, Platinum, Retired, and Out of State members. Click here to learn more about the Ethics Committee and access contact information.

Legal Consultation

WSPA's Legal Committee provides 1-hour free consultation for new Basic members, and 2-hour free consultation for Premium and Platinum members. After the free consultation, members receive a discounted WSPA rate. Click here to learn more about our attorneys and access contact information.


PSYPACT - This is available to members only and requires you to login before viewingThe Washington State Psychological Association is proud to announce the passage of SHB1286, adopting the psychology interjurisdictional compact, better known as PSYPACT. The bill was signed by Governor Inslee on March 4, 2022. The Washington State Department of Health will choose the effective date, which is tentatively scheduled for June 9, 2022, but this date may change. While you may start the application process now, you will not see Washington State on the list of available jurisdictions nor are you eligible to participate in PSYPACT or to use Washington State as your home state until the bill is officially in effect.  View more information by clicking here.

Death with Dignity Guidelines - a PDF of the 2019 updated guidelines are found at the bottom of the End of Life page.

Professional Will Template This is available to members only and requires you to login before downloading

Progress Note - This is available to members only and requires you to log in before downloading

Licensing and CE requirements - Information about psychology licensing in the state of Washington, CE credits are needed for license renewal and other information can be found at the Washington State Department of Health website.


Required Training for Telehealth Providers - As of January 1, 2021, all psychologists offering telehealth services must complete a telehealth training. While we encourage you to complete all 6 webinars, you only need to complete the "Introduction to TeleBehavioral Health and Policy Overview" to meet the training requirement. See the Washington State Telehealth Collaborative's training page for answers to questions about this required training.


Additional professional and clinical resources include Member Discounts with various companies and a new Classified Ads section and a Job Board for those looking for a new job and companies to advertise job openings.