Get Involved with WSPA

It's Easy to Get Involved with WSPA

Members who get involved with WSPA at some level say they get the greatest return on investment from their membership. All members have the opportunity to serve at a committee level, while Premium and Platinum members are able to serve in leadership roles on the Board of Trustees.

Here are ways to get involved:

  1. Become a Trustee. A position on the Board of Trustees is available for Premium and Platinum members. Trustees are appointed by the board and voted on by the membership. Sitting on the board allows one to get an overview of the association and set the direction of WSPA.
    1. Board Member Expectations
    2. Recruitment & Election Process
  2. Join your local chapter. There are 6 chapters in which members have the opportunity to network locally. You will need to be logged in to view the chapters page.
  3. Join a committee or special interest group that you have a interest in.
  4. If you are an Early Career Psychologist (ECP) in King County, WSPA's Early Career Psychologist Committee meets in the greater Seattle area for networking and discussion about being an ECP.