Join us and be heard!

Why does membership matter?

Many of your colleagues continue to be concerned about the changes facing the mental health care profession. Our professional lives are increasingly regulated at the state and federal levels. As a group, we must have a strong voice in the process of setting these regulations if we are to continue to make clinically based treatment decisions for our clients.

By joining us now, you can help to increase our network, add to our numbers, expand our diversity, and increase our ability to influence legislation in Olympia and Washington, D.C. that will directly affect your profession.

Your ideas, information, talent and expertise will add to our collective wisdom as we make decisions that will shape the future of our profession. We need your energy and new perspectives on our task forces and committees. None of us is as smart as all of us.

Help us to address the full spectrum of psychology by having members from all fields of practice, academia and research. We need to build a diverse body to be able to best represent all areas of the profession.

The Washington State Psychological Association is composed of nearly 500 members committed to working to create a solid future for your profession.

Your individual voice is a vital part of our collective truth; now is the time be heard!

Your membership will help us:

Build legislative policies that benefit the public and psychology

Impart knowledge to increase diversity and cultural understanding

Communicate successful counsel on managing clients

Assist members with information and best business practices