WSPA Statements on Public Issues

WSPA releases public statements about current issues and events when the Board agrees an official stance should be taken. Check back for new statements.

WSPA’s Good Trouble Committee would like to acknowledge and celebrate Pride Month. While we are still reeling from the record number of anti-trans* bills across the country, we want to remember the rich history and evolution of how Pride Month came to be. As psychologists, it is especially important that we honor and uplift people across all variations in sexual orientation and gender identity, given the mental health field’s painful and recent history of pathologizing people for whom they love and how they identify their gender. Activists worked tirelessly to have homosexuality removed from the DSM, and we are grateful for that important work. We are encouraged by new generations of psychologists doing important work to increase our field’s ability to understand and support LGBTQIA2S+ people in their experiences.