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Join us at our 2020 Virtual Convention.
Join us at the 2020 virtual convention.

Grad Students Committee

While most of Washington State Psychological Associations committees and groups are for licensed psychologists, this group is specifically for graduate students. Being a psychology graduate student can be exceptionally stressful. Not only is the coursework time consuming and demanding, the additional commitments to internships programs and dissertations can put a strain on relationships, family and on one‘s own mental health. Graduate students may find themselves struggling to learn more about what type of support they have outside of their graduate programs and what life looks like after graduating. Many students may find themselves being anxious and unsure regarding how to make the mental shift from being a student to becoming a psychologist.

The goal of this committee is to provide support to graduate students and give them guidance on how to proceed with items that are usually not addressed in graduate school such as completing the requirements for licensure in the state of Washington. We are eager to have members join our group so that we can discuss items that are specific for graduate students and to expand on how we can best support our members.

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