2023 - WSPA Annual Meeting and Awards

Join us at the Fall 2023 Northwest Psychological Convention.
Join us at the Fall 2023 Northwest Psychological Convention

WSPA Annual Meeting

All WSPA members are considered stakeholders of the association and are welcome to attend the Annual Meeting. This meeting will give attendees an overview of the association leadership, goals, committees, initiatives, membership growth or decline, and positive or negative financial picture. 

The Annual Stakeholder's meeting will be held at our Convention on Saturday, October 14th and will start promptly at 12:30pm and is expected to last 30 minutes including time for Q & A. The meeting will precede the Annual Washington Psychologists Awards which is expected to end at 2:00 pm.

If you would like to attend and are not a member, please consider joining WSPA! Click here to learn more about membership benefits and join today!

Washington Psychologist Awards

Washington State Psychological Association recognizes individuals and organizations who have contributed meaningfully to the mission of WSPA, which is to support, promote and advance the science, education and practice of psychology in the public interest.

The WSPA Board of Trustees solicits nominations from the membership, evaluates and votes on the nominations.

The awards will presented to the winners Saturday, October 14th following the Annual Meeting.

2021 Awardees:

Distinguished Psychologist Award

Janet Look, Ed.D.

Sustained Service Award

Sonia Venkatraman, Ph.D.

Distinguished Service Award

Steven Curtis, Ph.D.

Social Issues Award

Eileen Twohy, Ph.D.

Public Citizen Award

Molly Cevasco, Ph.D., BCBA

Legislative Service Award

Rep. Marcus Riccelli, WA 3rd LD

Presidential Service Award

Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D.

G. Andrew H. Benjamin Award

Carol Moore, Ph.D.

2023 Award Categories

Distinguished Scholar: Given in recognition of significant contributions to psychological research or academic scholarship which advances access to the field of psychology. This award is open to both members and non-members. 

Rising star: Given to a pre licensed individual who has demonstrated commitment to public service and shows outstanding aptitude as a Psychologist in training. This award is open to both members and non-members.

Sustained Service Award: Given in recognition to individuals whose many years of practice have been of significant benefit to communities they served. This award is open to members only.

Collective change award: Given to a group of people or an organization that demonstrates significant care for the advancement of psychological health for marginalized communities. This award is open to both members and non-members.

Public steward award: Honors an individual that has contributed to the psychological health and wellness of their community. This award is available to non-members only.

G. Andrew H. Benjamin award: Dr. Benjamin, a Seattle-based JD/PhD provider, has given years of continuous service and has invested countless hours to the professional development of individual members, modeled humility and clearly espouses the values of a lifelong learner. This award recognizes a member whom, like Dr. Benjamin, has been generous with time, creativity, and service towards the development and the sustaining success of WSPA. This award is open to all members, as well as any person on the board or staff, and interns.