CE Certificates

Within 30 days following the event, a complete list of attendees and a summary of the evaluation forms are to be sent to the WSPA office. Certificates will not be issued without valid proof of attendance.  APA gives WSPA 30 days from the event date to distribute CE Certificates. At this time the CE Certificates will be e-mailed to the email you registered for a CE event with.

Please contact the office at wspa@wapsych.org if you need an additional copy of your CE certificate

(Note: The list of attendees will be kept in our office for three years following the event; there will be a $25.00 non-member charge for all re-issued certificates.)

View our past events here (Not sure the best way to do this - Still looking for a calendar link that shows past events)

If an event is not on our past events list, WSPA is not responsible for CE Certificates from that event.