External CE Application Requirements

Psychologists in Washington State must renew their licenses yearly. Currently, they must accrue 60 hours of Continuing Education credit every three years, with at least 4 hours in ethics. Every six years, psychologists are required to obtain 6 hours of credit in suicide intervention. Visit the Washington State Department of Health Psychologist page which contains information on licensing requirements.

Washington State Psychological Association appreciates your interest in providing continuing education to psychologists. As we are approved by the American Psychological Association to offer CE credits to psychologists in Washington, the following application, documentation, and review process is required. WSPA is not qualified to give CE credit for web-based CE events at this time.

In order for your CE application to be considered, it must be submitted 60 days in advance of the event date.




There are separate nonrefundable fees depending on the type of organization hosting the event as well as the size of the event.

Single Event PricingFor Profit Application (Up to 2 presenters)Non-Profit Application (Up to 2 presenters)Additional Presenter(s) per Application
$400$300$50 each
Convention PricingFor Profit Application (Up to 2 presenters)Non-Profit Application (Up to 2 presenters)Additional Presenter(s) per Application
1-5 workshops$500 each$375 each$50 each
6-15$400 each$300 each$50 each
16-25 workshops$300 each$225 each$50 each
26+ workshopsPlease CallPlease Call$50 each
CE Certificates$15 each

Single Events, One Workshop Pricing:

All non-profit companies will need to provide proof of status. The application processing rate includes a text advertisement for your CE in our CE Blast (up to 30 days). You can also purchase a banner ad for $100 more. See all advertising rates here.

Convention Application Pricing:

The fee for processing your Convention/Conference application is based on how many workshops will be at the convention; see table above. Your fees must be submitted with your application. Applications will not reviewed until fees are received.

How to Apply

Application schedule: 60 days. Your application is reviewed within 30 days. If the application is denied a detailed explanation will be provided. You may re-submit your application with adjustments without additional fees. Your re-submitted application will be reviewed within 30 days. 

Please submit your application form, non-refundable application fee and documents 3-8 listed below:

  1. External CE Application form
  2. Nonrefundable application fee (see above for fee rates)
  3. Program attendance form
  4. Program evaluation form
  5. Full curriculum vitae of presenter(s).
  6. Syllabus (time spent on what topic, including a description of the materials/content to be covered)
  7. Schedule of event or presentation including direct contact hours, breaks, lunch, etc. (Note: One CE credit hour equals 60 minutes of direct training time. Ethics credit must highlight or emphasize ethical aspects and cite the specific APA Principles and delineate which sections of the APA Code of ethics being discussed.  CE credit can only be issued in units of whole or half hours).
  8. A copy of any marketing materials that will be used for the event (this could be bulk emails, brochures, flyers, web pages, etc.) Note: This must include the WSPA text listed below in two separate lines:
    - Washington State Psychological Association has approved this CE Workshop.
    - Washington State Psychological Association is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Washington State Psychological Association maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

All programs considered for co-sponsorship must meet APA's Standards and Criteria.

Issuance of Certificates

Within 30 days following the event, documentation of attendance in the form of a sign in/sign-out sheet, a summary of the evaluation forms (providing only raw data is not accepted), and the fee for certificates should be sent to the WSPA office.

9 S. Washington St., Suite 201
Spokane, WA 99201

Certificates will not be issued without valid proof of attendance. Note: The list of attendees will be kept in our office for three years following the event; there will be a $25.00 charge for all re-issued certificates.

APA allows 30 days after we receive documentation to send out participation certificates.